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Choreography: Frank Chaves

Music: Peter Gabriel, Vangelis, Gabrielle Roth and The Mirrors
Costume Design: Jordan Ross
Lighting Design: Shelley Strasser Holland

Costume Construction: Lynn Ziehe


Temporal Trance:

Dancers: 7


"Temporal Trance" is a paean to Frank Chaves' dying mother, and consists of three discrete sections, a drama-filled structured opening concluding with a rapidly-paced finish. Chaves has remarked about this piece, "I explored... very different qualities of movement inorder to represent the different stages we all go through in death and the loss of a loved one."

Temporal Trance 3
Temporal Trance 2
Temporal Trance 4
Temporal Trance Lois Greenfield

Frank Chaves describes this work for seven dancers as an “exploration of three very different qualities of movement, culminating in a mesmerizing feast for the eyes, soul and spirit.” Temporal Trance is dedicated to Chaves’ mother, Maria. 


Choreography generously underwritten by Ed Bucher and Gene Gozdecki; partially underwritten by The Metzner Family Foundation.

Temporal Trance - excerpt

Temporal Trance - excerpt

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