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Choreography: Frank Chaves

Music composed and performed by: Josephine Lee
Costume Design: Jordan Ross
Costume Construction: Lynne Ziehe
Lighting Design: Joshua Paul Weckesser


The Good Goodbyes:
Dancers: 7

"Frank Chaves collaborated with Chicago pianist Josephine Lee, who accompanied the dance live. Her original score, lovely and soaring, is well met by Chaves' flowing, golden-lit moves for seven dancers, ones steeped in ballet imagery and understated elegance."

- Sid Smith, Chicago Tribune

"...when Chaves taps his ability to capture a central truth in human interaction through the use of natural impulse and more core-centered gesture, the work transcends emotional indulgence."

- Lynn Shapiro, SeeChicagoDance

Good Goodbyes1
Good Goodbyes2
Good Goodbyes3
Good Goodbyes4
Good Goodbyes5
The Good Goodbyes - excerpt

The Good Goodbyes - excerpt

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