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Choreography: Frank Chaves
Music: David Visan and Julien Leca

Music Performed by: Bielka Nemirovski
Costume Design: Jordan Ross
Lighting Design: Mike Dutka/Recreated by Stephen Arnold

Costume Construction: Lynn Ziehe

The Mourning:
Dancers: 2


"Chaves left a powerful mark with "The Mourning", a rapturous duet set to poetic Russian songs performed by Bielka Nemirovski... Chaves is a master of the duet in all its many manifestations. 
- Hedy Weiss, The Chicago Sun-Times, 2014

The Russian folk song “Nie Kantshaietsa” performed by Bielka Nemirovski, provides the emotive score to Frank Chaves’ dramatic and passionate duet, The Mourning. This work intensely explores the bittersweet emotions of finding love, yet having to let it go.


Generously underwritten by Pamela Crutchfield & Myron Szold and Dr. Jane Abramson.

The Mourning - 2004, premier

The Mourning - 2004, premier

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