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Choreography: Frank Chaves

Music: Prince
Lighting Design: Todd L. Clark

Costumes: Banana Republic


The Two Sides of Tes:

Dancers: 6


"The Two Sides of Tes - and Then Some" (Tes as in "testosterone") involved five striking muscular men in different settings, peeling off clothes through each section. In the first section, they vie for the same girl, each one stricken with lust and love. In the locker room, clothed in towels, they take turns doing elaborate turns and drops in a way that is both competitive and evocative of male bonding. Only at the end does the guard drop. Virtually naked in skin-colored undershorts, they try leaning backward. Tony Peyla loses his balance. Friends now, the others take turns pulling him back into an upright position.

- Margaret Putnam, Dallas Morning News

TES group 1-B
Tes James
TES group 2

The first side:   There is nothing so beautiful as falling in love. (Or lust).

The other side: That oh-so-special ingredient that makes men who they are.

And then some: And so we are taught from boyhood on up, never to show it, never to grow it. 

Man and emotion—such the struggle to let in, all the more to let out.


Costumes for The Two Sides of Tes by Banana Republic.
The Two Sides of Tes - excerpt

The Two Sides of Tes - excerpt

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