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Choreography: Frank Chaves

Music:  Evan Solot and live vocals by The Chicago Childrens Choir

Recording Musicians: Tiffany Blake, violin; Matthew Lipman, viola;

Mira Luxion, cello (featured soloist); Ben Mason, bass; Emily Spiegel, violin; Mark Walloch, guitar (featured soloist)

Costume Design: Jackson Lowell

Lighting & Scenic Design: Christopher Ash

I. Awakening:

Dancers: Ensemble

II. Temptation:

Dancers: 9

III. The Abyss:
Dancers: Ensemble

IV. Journey:
Dancers: Ensemble


V. Hope:

Dancers: Ensemble

VI. Acceptance:

Dancers: Solo

VII. Ascension:
Dancers: Ensemble

"The choreography knows where it's going, from its tribalistic beginnings to its celebratory finale. Evan Solot's music, with the Chicago Children's Choir singing onstage, creates a ritualistic mood.

 - Dance Magazine

"Effective integration of the choir into the staging made for an electrifying blend of live music and superb dancing, with luxurious flow, beautiful turns and spot-on balances. 

- SeeChicagoDance

Underground Movements5
Underground Movements1
Underground Movements2
Underground Movements4
Underground Movements7

Originally premiering in 2006, Underground Movements highlights the strengths of both Chaves and his dancers. Choreographed in seven sections and running approximately 25 minutes in length, the piece brings dancers and singers together onstage for a unique experience for both the performers and audience members.


I. Awakening

The breath of life, the discovery of self; developing the spirit and soul that will guide you through the journey ahead.  In the beginning, we are innocent yet strong - strong enough to know that no matter how long we will exist, we will make a difference. We will affect, make an impression, and leave a legacy that will be an integral part of our world.


II. Temptation

Often considered the dark side. Out of darkness comes light, out of struggle comes resolve. Temptation feeds the soul and, in turn, feeds our world; it is the means for our world to thrive.  To believe in and acknowledge temptation is to accept our purpose. To act upon temptation is an act of survival.


III. The Abyss

To live life is to experience it, and those who float above the realities that define us have never visited the abyss.  It is not a place to fear; it is a place where one finds strength, builds character, and discovers the real meaning of facing all parts of life equally. True discovery of oneself is the springboard of a life fully experienced. To visit the abyss is to truly know who you are.


IV. Journey

Our journey is a celebration of our life experiences. It is a journey best shared through truth, vulnerability, and a willingness to expose our weaknesses and strengths.  A journey that is best to go through with the help of others.  It is our nature to share that which is most important to our hearts and souls; through this, we feed our spirit.  On this journey, lives will be touched, lives will be changed, and lives will be better. Because of this, our journey is a celebration.


V. Hope

Through pain comes resilience and awareness, but all one needs to do at any given point is ask - ask to not be alone, ask for help - and you will be caught.  Caught in a place that perhaps you did not know existed because you never asked.  This is the place where you will find hope.  Hope is often the only part of life worth hanging onto; it can be the beginning of an entirely new existence, one that promises that we will go on, that we will persevere, and that there is always a reason to fight - fight to make our impression, fight to touch and be touched, fight to make our journey worthwhile.


VI. Acceptance

One of the greatest battles experienced by all.  A moment when before you is a choice - a choice that will have a profound effect on the outcome of your journey.  There is not a wrong or right; there is no perfect answer.  But it is not the decision that makes the difference; it is the acceptance of that decision that will either enhance your journey or make it undesirable.  The choice is always yours.


VII. Ascension

Our ascension is determined by how we have experienced our journey, and fulfillment is the ultimate end.  Throughout the time we are granted on earth, we find fulfillment in giving; this fulfillment - peace of mind, a satiated soul, a calmed spirit, a guiltless conscience - is the basis for our next level of existence.  Our journey to a higher consciousness can only come with this feeling of weightlessness.  How we choose to live determines the impact we will have on our world; this is the time to celebrate our achievements and to celebrate ourselves.  A time to acknowledge that our existence, however long, has indeed made a difference. 

Underground Movements is funded in part by The American Composers Forum and Continental Harmony, with support from the National Endowment for the Arts; The Chicago Community Trust; Pam Crutchfield; Harbor Ventures Inc.; Sara Lee Foundation; Quarles & Brady LLP; and Farny R. Wurlitzer Foundation. 

Underground Movements - 2007, excerpts

Underground Movements - 2007, excerpts

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